Welcome to the Arizona Chapter of The International Association of Arson Investigators (AZIAAI). 

The AZIAAI is Arizona's oldest, most respected association for professionals who investigate fires and arsons, professionals who prosecute or defend fire/arson cases, insurance professionals who handle fire/arson claims and crime scene professionals who process fire/arson scenes.

The AZIAAI is Arizona's authority of experts in the field of fire/arson investigations. Our diverse group of members is well acquainted with fire/arson investigations, insurance claims, scene processing, prosecution/defense. 

If you would like more information on fire/arson investigations, or the services the AZIAAI provides please contact our communications director. We welcome media inquiries or requests as well as public requests for information. 



Public notice is given that the Arizona Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention posts meeting notices at the Maricopa County Courthouse located at 201 W Jefferson Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Election Results Are In!

The elections results are in for all board positions. Please see your new officer roster by clicking here!

Hello and happy holidays bothers and sisters. With the new
year upon us and Christmas behind us it is with a heavy
heart that I share this news. One of the founding members
of the AZIAAI, Ed Scott, passed last week. His tireless
efforts helped establish the chapter we benefit from today.
Our hearts and prayers go out to his friends and family.
His hard work and duty to truth and justice echo to this
day in our chapter and will continue to do so for decades
to come. In our daily efforts to be truth seekers, we must
always remember those who set the groundwork for what
we are today. Ed was one of the best of us. He will be
​missed, and our continuing efforts honor his legacy.


The AZIAAI Annaul Confrence is right around the corner! Also dont forget about Arson III coming in September!
​Please check our

calendar for upcoming

training, meetings and

other events.

Access to fire scenes can be a bit tricky to navigate, especially under exigent circumstances and what that entails. Gilbert Fire is running a class hosted by Luke Coyne and C.H. Chung to cover the topic and answer any questions. The best part.... IT'S FREE! 

The class is June 7th from 10am to noon at 85 E Civic Center in Gilbert. If you want to sign up do so quickly! The class is for up to 90 people and is already half full!

Contact Dave Zehring via email at david.zehring@gilbertaz.gov to enroll. Hope to see you there!


A close friend of the chapter, Clair Mansi, is running to remain the International Director of the IAAI. She has a website with information and videos detailing her contributions to the organization. Please take a few minutes out of your day to review her qualities for the upcoming election. The link is below, and I think you will find she has done a fantastic job so far! Stay safe out there folks!


Arson IV Registration

Fire Arson Investigation IV is the last of our four-part series for those responsible for fire investigation. It will be useful to law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, insurance investigators, claim adjusters, and fire service personnel with responsibility for fire cause determination. This class is the courtroom and testimony portion of the series. You will be continuing your assignment with your arson task force from Arson III, now defending your investigation in the Arson IV Courtroom.

This course is tested by the Arizona Center for Fire Service Excellence for Arizona State Fire Investigator II and all class sessions must be attended for certification. Continuing education points for AZ Post and CFI.


Important: All students must have proof that they have attended previous Fire/Arson I-III classes. If you do not meet these requirements DO NOT SIGN UP!

Click here to register!


It is time to put in Nominations for the AZIAAI Second VP and Board Members.

*Open Position*
Second VP Position
3 Board Members

Second VP - Must be (or been) a Dual Member in good standing and served on the board for at least two years.

Board Member - Must be (or been) a Dual Member in good standing for at least
two years.

*Important Dates*

Nominations will close on May 31, 2022.
Voting email (on website) will be June 2-17, 2022. Voting will close June 17, 2022.
Results will be provided at Annual Meeting in July.

Please send all Nominations to the Nomination Chair Virginia Holtzclaw at firegal9991@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Virginia Holtzclaw 

Nomination Chair