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Advanced Arson July 27th through the 29th.  What to expect in this class:

  • solar and fire prevention
  • electrical engineer and evidence collection
  • ignitable collection on scene and then to what they see in the lab
  • photo class and education
  • and more!


AZIAAI Annual Conference

This Year's seminar is packed with great content from many amazing speakers!

Fire Investigation and Analysis of an Evolving Solar Power Industry

- John White

As alternative forms of energy become more popular over the last decade the increase in solar panel use in residential and commercial settings has also increased. The technologies involved in competing in the solar industry have resulted in a number of potential fire safety hazards that have been well documented. Using case studies, we examine the causes of solar power-related fires, and the techniques and precautions investigators should be considering and implementing when investigating these fires.

Burning a Serial Arsonist

- Luke Coyne and CH

What began as basic homicide investigation quickly evolved into a highly complex case involving investigators in three states and a Defendant directly involved in more than a dozen fires over five years. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Investigation Team worked with investigators and experts from across the United States to establish this serial arsonist’s trail of fires and bring him to justice.

Smart World. Smart Investigations.

- Michael Custer

Technology is changing how we interact with the world. Residences and businesses alike are being modified to include internet connected devices, renewable energy sources and storage devices, and charging stations and equipment for electric vehicles. Each of these additions to the home and office will create challenges for an investigator attempting to determine the cause of a property loss. The integration of multiple renewable power sources, energy storage installations, and vehicle chargers in residences and commercial buildings will further complicate future investigations. Likewise, electric and autonomous vehicles will affect all aspects of vehicle investigations. This interactive overview of smart home, renewable, and electric vehicle technologies will provide investigators with information necessary to operate in the investigations of tomorrow.

Cameras, Settings and Your First Opportunity to Capture the Scene

- Keith Paffrath

This class will focus on the critical elements of forensic investigation photography starting with cameras. Attendees will learn how to use all the buttons on the camera and what they really mean for the user. Flash coverage in lighting situations from no light to ambient light conditions and how to best capture those digital images. Composition of the fire scene image is a critical component so discussion on focus modes is key to capturing professional images. This class will also help to master the workflow of the digital footprint to aid the investigator in preservation, enhancements, refining and making the best image for your work product.

Physical Evidence Recognition, Collection, Analysis and Documentation

- Laurel Mason

The presentation will focus on how to recognize physical evidence for collection at the fire scene for submission to the laboratory for forensic analysis to determine the presence of ignitable liquid residues as well as fatty acids (vegetable oils and fats), including the selection of productive sampling areas, the collection of comparison samples and liquids and the use of proper sampling containers to protect the evidence. Additionally, the presentation will include directives on the proper way to label and photo-document fire evidence as well as the analytical processes that happen in the laboratory.

Small Burns

- Greg Whited

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Please see the "Speakers" page for the full speaker bios. They are incredibly seasoned and so capable that we could not fit it on one page!

Registration for the conference includes dinner to our Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony on Thursday, July 28th. Any extra guests, not registered for the conference, will be charged $25.00 each for the dinner.

*All other meals and accommodations are not include in the price of registration.*

You CANNOT afford to miss this training!!!! There will also be a board meeting on Tuesday night, July 26th, at 6pm. Check with the front desk for the meeting room location.



Stephen Johnson
International Association of Arson Investigators


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Arson I is coming back in October!

​The AZIAAI will be hosting Arson I from October 24th-28th. The class will take place in Chandler at 35550 S Dobson at the Chandler Public Safety Center. Cost of the class will be $650 for members and $750 for non members. For more information please contact Stephen Johnson at Members will receive an email with registration information a couple months before the class takes place. We look forward to seeing you there!



Advanced Fire Investigation Seminar is coming in July. A link to register can be seen on the main page or under the Training section of the website. Registration for the conference includes dinner to our Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony on

Thursday, July 28th. Any

extra guests, not registered

for the conference, will be

charged $25.00 each for the dinner.

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