Attention AZIAAI Members,

There are times when we, as a close-knit

community of brothers and sisters, rise to help

those in our family during a time of need.  One

such time is now.  Some of you, as AZIAAI

members, may remember Frank Molina from

the Salt River Fire Department.  Frank was a

long-time member of our organization and

spent countless hours devoted to furthering

the AZIAAI mission.  Frank was a friend to all

from the moment he met you.  I could go on

forever about the man, his devotion, and the

many sacrifices he made for his family, his

community, and our organization.  Frank was

my inspiration to become a fire investigator

as he arrived at the door to my house one day

with his chief uniform and wearing a weapon on his hip.  I spent many evenings with him and his family at Hospice in June and July, 2009 while I was attending ALEA.  The irony of the timing I will never understand.  Frank passed away on July 20, 2009 after a second heroic battle with cancer, at the young age of 41.  He never gave up until he took his last breath.  Above all else, he loved his family and wished that they would always be taken care of.  

In 2010, our AZIAAI recognized Frank’s contribution of service by changing the name of the Distinguished Service Award (of which he was a recipient) to the Frank J. Molina Distinguished Service Award.  I was honored and humbled to be the first recipient of this newly named award presented by Therese Molina in July, 2010 at our Annual General Meeting.

Frank, his Therese and his children lived down the street from me for several years until I moved.  To this day, I have kept in touch with Therese and his grown children whom he would be so proud of.  This brings me to the point of this email.  Frank and Therese Molina’s adult son Lucas was just married earlier this year and lived in Detroit, Oregon.  A little over a week ago, on September 8, 2020 they were given immediate evacuation orders from their home and left with just one vehicle and what they could hurriedly pack into it.  They were advised the night of September 9 that their entire home and all their possessions were completely consumed in the devastating Beachie Creek and Lionshead fire.  

A friend of the family has created a GoFundMe account in their name to help with short-term costs and to help fill the void of uncertainty left in the aftermath.  It is my fervent desire and sincerest hope that our AZIAAI Chapter members can come together once again to support a fallen brother whose son and new wife have lost everything.  Please consider the link below for your giving and I thank you on behalf of the entire Frank J. Molina Family.

Keith Paffrath

​​Fire/Arson II 2021

This class will help students to better understand the practical aspects of fire/arson investigation and enhance their skills. This information will improve their fire investigation techniques with up to date technologies and issues. This is the second of our four-part series focused on practical skills for fire investigators. Emphasis on hands-on application, with practice examining and recording the fire/arson scene. Includes classroom and field exercises on each section. We will continue to use the Jones-Bartlett text and workbook you received in Fire/Arson 1, so please bring them with you. A digital camera is also needed for this class. This course is tested. All class sessions must be attended for certification. Continuing education points for CFI. ROOMS ARE AT A PREMIUM AT THE HASSAYAMPA INN!!! THEY WILL RELEASE ALL ROOMS IN OUR RESERVATION BLOCK BACK TO THE PUBLIC IF YOU DO NOT RESERVE A ROOM BY APRIL 9, 2021!!!! Trust me, you will not find a better room rate at any other hotel in Prescott, so book your room NOW!!! Rooms are $98.00 per night plus tax. We will have check-in for the class on Sunday evening, May 9th, 2021, from 1800-1900. I will be in the main lobby of the hotel Sunday night.

05/10/21 - 05/14/21
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
US Mountain Time

Hassayampa Inn
122 East Gurley Street
Prescott, Arizona 86301



Arson I & IV are open for registration in November. Please check our

calendar for upcoming

training, meetings and

other events.

Dear Fellow AZIAAI Members,

I am Keith Paffrath, your candidate for the International Association of Arson Investigators Board of Directors 2021.  Arizona is home to a Past IAAI President (David Smith-Associated Fire Consultants), Past IAAI Board Member Bill Dickinson, and a recipient of the IAAI Lifetime Achievement Award, Joe Sesniak.  I am asking for your vote on February 23, 2021 to give Arizona another IAAI position on the Board of Directors.  

I have been a member of the AZIAAI since 2002 when I first took our Arson I-IV series.  Since that time, I have been active and involved in various roles including board member, 2nd VP, 1st VP, and served as President in 2015.  I continue to assist the chapter through teaching roles, facilitating training and was appointed as the IAAI Chapter Liaison when my good friend and mentor Jeff Flocken stepped down last year.

Public Safety professionals account for over 50% of our IAAI Membership. Please give me just a couple minutes of your time and let me encourage you to vote for me in the upcoming elections.

Your candidate should be active, involved, up to date with current trends and technology and have vision for the future. I am your candidate who,

• is active within the IAAI
• is involved in the NFPA
• embraces technology within my practice, in both public safety and private investigations
• is an advocate of the IAAI Mission

The IAAI is a recognized global leader in the fire investigation training industry. Our organization continues to adapt and implement new training topics through different delivery techniques, one to fit just about every need. The inclusion of science, technology and adaptability is paramount to fulfilling that mission.

My experience and training in our profession will lend a “Fresh Perspective” to the current board and membership. I know firsthand the benefit of active involvement within organizations and will utilize that as a bridge to enhance current IAAI training programs. There is much to do within our organization to promote our brand, offer additional training, strengthen critical partnerships, promote our chapters and grow our membership all while being fiscally responsible.

I am the candidate who has the desire and passion to continue that work, offer a fresh perspective, and direct our organization in its implementation of strategic plans. As your Director, I will represent you with continued and unwavering dedication.
I have 21 years in the fire service, 18 as an investigator and attended the AZ Law Enforcement Academy in 2009. I am a CFI and have worked in the private sector for 9 years, being mentored by some of the best and brightest in the industry. I have been involved in industry changing discussions through my long time NFPA affiliation. I am the IAAI Principal on the NFPA 1321 Technical Committee for the Development of Fire Investigation Units and serve on the NFPA Responder Forum.

I have been honored to meet and befriend people from different states and countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Panama, Netherlands, Finland, Brazil, Ecuador, and Taiwan. These friends offer me a perspective from their level of what we can do to continually improve our organization.

I am humbly asking for your vote in February 2021. You can visit my Facebook Page by searching “Paffrath 4 IAAI Board of Directors 2021” for current events or visit my website, for more information.

Thank you for your time and your vote for me this February. Be safe.
Kind Regards,
Keith Paffrath


Arizona Chapter is supporting Keith Paffrath as a Candidate for a seat on the IAAI Board of Directors 2021.

Keith Paffrath has been a member of the Arizona Chapter for 19 years. He has been active in the AZ Chapter in various role, he has served on our board of directors, President in 2015 and is a past president. He continues to support our chapter by aiding in our training programs.

He has taken the Arizona Chapter to the next level by participating on IAAI & NFPA Committees. He is always looking for ways to keep the Chapter and IAAI Organization moving forward. He is resourceful, innovative and can be relied upon to get the job done.

I know past-president Keith Paffrath to be a dedicated professional in this field and will serve the IAAI Board of Directors and our Chapter well. Please support our Arizona Chapters Candidate in the upcoming election.

Please remember to vote electronically in February.

Election Results Are In!

The elections results are in for all board positions. Please see your new officer roster by clicking here!


Public notice is given that the Arizona Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention posts meeting notices at the Maricopa County Courthouse located at 201 W Jefferson Phoenix, AZ 85003.

It has come to the Chapters attention that scammers have been obtaining Chapter Board Members personal emails to illicit funds and gift card. If you receive such an email, please do not purchase gift card, or send money on behalf of the Chapter. We will not ask members to purchase items for the Chapter.

The Chapter will be removing all personal emails from our website to prevent this from happening in future. Please use the “Contact Us” form which will enable you to contact the Chapter.

Thank you for understanding,

Virginia Holtzclaw, President


Welcome to the Arizona Chapter of The International Association of Arson Investigators (AZIAAI).

The AZIAAI is Arizona's oldest, most respected association for professionals who investigate fires and arsons, professionals who prosecute or defend fire/arson cases, insurance professionals who handle fire/arson claims and crime scene professionals who process fire/arson scenes.

The AZIAAI is Arizona's authority of experts in the field of fire/arson investigations. Our diverse group of members is well acquainted with fire/arson investigations, insurance claims, scene processing, prosecution/defense.

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