Fire Arson Investigation III is the third of our four-part series for Fire Investigators. This class is from September 27th to  October 1st in Flagstaff.

This training and material is useful to law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, insurance investigators, claim adjusters, and fire service personnel with responsibility for fire cause determination. This is a hands-on class consisting of some classroom and the field portion of the curriculum, examining and recording the fire/arson scene.

You will be assigned to an arson task force to investigate a crime scene.

This course is tested, all class sessions must be attended for certification.

Continuing education points for CFI.

Important: All students must show proof that they have attended the National Fire Academy Fire Investigation class or have a certificate that they have attended previous Fire/Arson I-II classes. If you do not meet these requirements DO NOT SIGN UP!



NFPA 921 Update Class for 2021 Edition (Tucson)

Where and when:
September 7, 2021
9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tucson Fire Department Headquarters
300 South Fire Central Place
Tucson, AZ 85701

All registrations will come with the new NFPA 921 - 2021 Edition.

NFPA 921 provides a large base of knowledge and information upon  which a professional fire investigator must know to conduct competent  investigations into fire and 
explosion events. This class will provide  the attendee an overview of the changes, updates, and removal of wording  within the peer-reviewed document released in late 2020.   

The  most recent release contains updates on fire patterns, arc mapping, fire  classification and Ignitable Liquid Detection canines and handlers.   
Arc Mapping has been removed as one of the four sources of information  for origin determination and is now categorized as a fire pattern.  
Chapter 20, Classification of Fire Cause, from the 2017 Edition was  completely deleted. This edition reveals some of the most substantial  changes since the document 
was originally published.  

The 10th  Edition of NFPA 921 and the upcoming 7th Edition of NFPA 1033 bring  about extensive changes on how fires are to be investigated, litigated,  
and the qualifications of the investigator.  A brief discussion will  also cover the upcoming NFPA 1321 Fire Investigation Unit Standard which  is due out for 
public comment this year.

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