Student Code of Conduct

In order to have consistency and answer as many questions up front we have put together some information related to the questions or issues that have come up with classes. Please read the following as you will be responsible for the material enclosed.

Applicant should be of good moral personal character and reputation. Applicant should not have been previously convicted of a criminal offense.

Attendance at all sessions of class is required. At the conclusion of the class only students who have attended all sessions will receive a certificate. Any request for absence from class for an excusable reason will be reviewed by the Education Committee. In addition, all assignments for class including homework or after hours participation are required for the student to receive a certificate.

Payment is due prior to or before the end of the first day of class for a multiple day class. Payment for a single day class is required prior to the start of class. Any students who are not paid in full will not receive a certificate.

Safety Statement
All class participants are expected to present themselves for class and field activities in a manner consistent with their workplace expectations of their employer. Horseplay and inappropriate behavior during practical exercises is considered a safety violation and can result in the dismissal from the class. When in the opinion of an instructor or staff member a participant appears, for any reason to be impaired, appropriate actions can be taken up to dismissal from the class.

All tests and papers turned in for assignment in the class are to be done as individual projects unless specifically told to work on as a group. Even if told to work in a group if individual papers are required it is understood that each participant will turn in their own work product and not a copy or rewording of another’s work. Violation of this is subject to immediate dismissal from class.

Dress Code

It is the responsibility of the student to use good judgment in the selection of attire that projects a professional image while remaining appropriate for climate and safety in class activities. Class staff has the authority to make a determination that a participant’s attire may be inappropriate.

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