The AZIAAI Board of Directors authorizes a limited amount of scholarships for every seminar it holds. In general awards of scholarships are given on a first come basis as long as the submitter meets the scholarship requirements. It is key to get your scholarship in well in advanced of the seminar you are desiring to be considered. The scholarship only pays for the registration fee for the seminar.

Students applying for an AZIAAI Scholarship must meet the following qualifications for consideration:

  • be currently a AZIAAI member;
  • be employed in some capacity and have the  responsibility for fire investigations by insurance, utilities, public safety, PD, FD at the members institution;
  • demonstrate merit and a need deserving of AZIAAI scholarship support;
  • receive the recommendation of the AZIAAI Training and Education Committee;
  • have not received a scholarship for a seminar in the previous 2 years.

Only complete applications will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for consideration. Each application must include the following items:

1.AZIAAI Application for Scholarship

 Scholarships may be made available to students by the Board subject to the following process:

a. Applicants for scholarship must be members in good standing of the IAAI and/or the Arizona Chapter.

b. Scholarships shall be requested in writing on a form approved by the Board

c. Scholarship applications shall be due at least 30 days prior to each seminar

d. The Board may grant scholarships to those individuals who meet the criteria as outlined by this SOP

e. Exceptions to the Scholarship process as outlined above will require Board approval

f. Scholarships shall be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a need based upon financial hardship
  • Benefit for the Chapter

g. The Board shall notify any applicant as soon as possible if their scholarship is denied or accepted.

h. All scholarship paperwork shall be kept with seminar financial records(given to the Treasurer)

If you have questions about these scholarships and/or eligibility, please contact Stephen Johnson at

Click here for the online application :
AZIAAI Scholarship Application



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