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Did you know Arizona is home to 274 members of the International Association of Arson Investigators? You are among those important individuals. The IAAI's 2020 General Election will open for online voting on March 3, 2020. Please safeguard the future of our fire- and explosion-investigation and litigation professions by voting to re-elect David E. Bridges to the IAAI Board of Directors for the 2020-2023 term.




David E. Bridges, Esq.


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Re-Elect David E. Bridges to IAAI Board of Directors in 2020 - Letterhead Campaign Logo

Why should you support me? As an organization committed to helping public and private sector professionals become their best selves – to become qualified, certified, and competent – the IAAI should focus on preparation. Doing so helps its base seek the truth for fire and explosion investigations and litigation. In this context, preparation means being committed to its frontline Chapters and members, and dedicated to meaningful training progress.


The IAAI’s slogan, visible virtually everywhere, including on the IAAI’s corporate website and in each quarterly edition of the Fire & Arson Investigator Journal magazine, is “Global Leaders in Fire Investigation®.” For someone like me who has served as a public sector investigator, testifying subject matter expert, and technically trained attorney handling fire- and explosion- matters nationwide, this is a belief about ALL of the IAAI’s frontline Chapters and members, regardless of their underlying industry-specific affiliation.


With this core belief in my mind and heart, I write to ask you to support my candidacy for re-election to the IAAI-Board of Directors in 2020. On April 16, 2019, I was honored to be nominated by my dear friend and mentor, Randy Watson, current IAAI-Director and Chairman of the National Fire Protection Association’s Technical Committee on Fire Investigations, to serve a second term. The successes of my first term have been powered by your support. As an IAAI-Director, I have taken a proactive role in helping manage the IAAI’s corporate business. Also, as Co-Chair of the IAAI’s Training & Education Committee, I have worked to identify, develop, and implement training programs, policies, and practices that meaningfully prepare our Chapters and members to face challenges to their qualifications, methodology, and opinions. Nonetheless, we have much work ahead. With your help, we will continue fighting to address the challenges in the fire- and explosion-investigation and litigation professions.


As we approach this important upcoming general election, my commitment to Chapters and their members, and dedication to meaningful training progress, is as unwavering as ever. I humbly ask you – regardless of your fire- and/or-explosion-industry affiliation – to endorse and support my re-election to the IAAI Board of Directors for the 2020-2023 term. If you have any questions, please write, call, or e-mail me directly. Otherwise, once the general election opens and the online voting link is distributed on March 3, 2020, please take advantage of the opportunity to cast your ballot. I truly hope to earn your vote.


Very truly yours,


David E. Bridges, Esq., IAAI-CFI®, IAAI-CI®

IAAI Board of Directors, 2017-2020

Candidate for Re-Election to IAAI Board of Directors, 2020-2023



Candidate Profile At-A-Glance

·    IAAI Member: 10 years

·    Annual General Meetings Attended: 6


Chapter Membership

·    MN, FL, GA, IL, NC, NJ, & TX


Minnesota Chapter

·    T&E Committee (2016-Present)


North Carolina Chapter

·    Board of Directors (2010-2015)

·    Life Member (2015)

·    T&E Committee (2008-Present)

·    EWCT Subcommittee (2013-Present)

·    Accelerant Detection K-9 Subcommittee (2013-Present)

IAAI Offices Held, Special Projects, and/or Committee Work

·    Board of Directors (2017-Present)

·    Liason to Insurance Training & Membership Advisory Committee (2017-Present)

·    Liason to Constitution & Bylaws Committee (2017-Present)

·    Liason to Ethical Practices & Grievances Committee (2019-Present)

·    T&E Committee (2012-Present)

·    Co-Chair (2017-Present)

·    ITC Committee (2015-Present)

·    Co-Chair (2016)

·    Chair (2017-Present)

·    EWCT Subcommittee (2013-Present)

·    Insurance Training & Membership Advisory Committee (2013-2017); Ex-Officio (2017-Present)

·    Editorial Review Board (2016-Present)

·    Legal Subcommittee Chair (2016-Present)




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